Stretch Ceiling in Russia

A stretch ceiling is a type of ceiling that stretches from one wall to another. It has many advantages over other types of ceilings and can also be reused after renovation. There are many different styles and textures of натяжные потолки available in Russia, and manufacturers are able to provide all of these for any budget. Here are some of the most popular styles:

A stretch ceiling dealer will need to set up an office and employ at least one manager. In most cases, a single-station machine can produce two hundred square meters of flat ceiling per month, but it is possible to increase this number depending on the size of your business. Typically, the cost of one m2 of finished ceiling costs around 125 to 200 rubles, but this figure can go as high as three hundred thousand rubles. A two-person team will need around eight to twelve orders per month, depending on the level of expertise of each employee.

In addition to a stretch ceiling’s material, you’ll also need to invest in the production equipment needed for the job. Stretch ceilings cost anywhere from 50 to eighty thousand rubles, and it’s important to note that the quantity of equipment required will depend on how large your business is. For example, a two-station HDTV machine will set you back approximately 365 rubles. An air compressor for this machine will cost another fifteen thousand rubles. Additional electrical equipment, including additional ladders, cutting tables, and film storage racks will be necessary for the job.

Russian manufacturers can significantly reduce the cost of these products while maintaining high quality. They can also minimize the risk of damage to PVC film during transport and storage. Damaged PVC film can be an expensive problem when importing orders, so it’s crucial to choose a manufacturer who is experienced in this product. European manufacturers often cooperate with Russian companies to improve quality and create a good reputation. With the quality of Russian manufacturers, these ceilings are widely used and are an excellent choice for any interior design project.

Aside from being durable, stretch ceilings also look beautiful. Italian stretch canvases are famous for their aesthetics. They are produced in wide versions, often in the form of Cerutti, and are typically mounted using “stretching art canvas” technology. The Italian manufacturer Malpensa, which is popular in Russia, offers 130 shades. Many of their canvases have acoustic properties. Some are glossy, while others are matte.

A new business owner can achieve self-sufficiency in a couple of months by providing a high-quality service. This type of business is a lucrative one, and can be profitable even if you don’t have a great deal of capital. Because it is such a competitive industry, there is a huge demand for stretch ceilings, and better work will result in higher incomes. In addition, stretch ceiling installation is a low-cost, high-quality business, which makes it very attractive for many people.